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Shawn Hanna is a NY/LA based photographer and director. 

His experience in fashion, visual anthropology, creative direction and curation make him highly adaptable to new environments and new frontiers. 

Shawn’s work is a marriage of the concrete and the whimsical. He is interested in navigating the dichotomy between the Old and the New, with a reverence for history and a willingness to bend the rules—adding color, humor, and play. With an eye to the future, He is looking to expand his work in the arena of immersive projects. He and his collaborators are seeking to create experiences that will push greater conversations about the realities we find ourselves in.

Shawn Hanna's professional career began immediately out of college, which began with conducting photographic studies of primates in Central America. When not on assignment, he would shoot for leisure and travel magazines globally. At 26, he dug his heals in California and began assisting fashion and celebrity photographers. Soon thereafter, he helped resurrect the classic ‘70s surf brand Lightning Bolt, taking on the role Creative Director. In addition to production, art direction and photography, He designed four seasons the brand. Upon fulfilling his two-year contract, Shawn left Lightning Bolt and has been working as a freelance photographer and art director since. Shawn studied at Santa Clara University in California, where he obtained B.A.’s in photography, art history, and film theory & production.